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Varroa Floors

I have listed two methods for building a Varroa floor.
One is as below and the other, please download this file 'Building open mesh floors by Graham White'




To construct this varroa floor you will need timber and mesh as below...

Top Three pieces 21 x 21 mm for the top and halved jointed as shown
Mesh suitable size of mesh to fit your size of hive
Base Three pieces 21 x 34 mm for the base and halved jointed as shown.
Where 'A' is the distance from side to side and 'B' is the distance from front to rear. Pins are inserted through the bars along the length 'B', so that they protrude inward by approximately 15 mm
Now sandwich them all together and nail/screw


A thin sheet of plywood can now be slid under the mesh ... resting on the protruding nails, to monitor the mite fall



Now use a piece of 21 x 21 mm timber to make an entrance block

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