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Beekeeping Associations

Aberdeen & District Beekeepers Fife Beekeepers
Ayr & District Beekeepers
British Beekeepers Association Inverness-Shire Beekeepers’ Association
Bumblebee Conservation Trust Kemnay Community Bee Group
Bumble Bees Nairn & District Beekeepers
Dingwall & District Beekeepers Peeblesshire Beekeepers
East of Scotland Beekeepers Scottish Beekeepers Association
East Lothian Beekeepers South of Scotland Beekeepers Association
Easter Ross Beekeepers The Log Hive and its Residents
Edinburgh & Midlothian Beekeepers Ulster Beekeepers Association
Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations My Beekeeping Kit
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Vanishing of the bees Barefoot Beekeeper
College of Melissae -Center for Sacred Beekeeping
The Buzz Club The Natural Beekeeping Trust
Buzz about Bees Wild Bee Guide
Pesticide Action Network UK R J Beekeeping
Ontario Beekeepeers Association Bees for Development
Boulder County Beekeepers Manawatu Beekeepers
Act for Bees Beekeeping Information from Araucania Chile
Free the Bees Fighting to Save Our Pollinators
friends of the bees Swindon Honeybee Conservation Group
Buglife - The Invertebrate Conservation Trust Scottish Native Honey Bee Society
Bee Kind Hives Highland Wax Company
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The Hive and the Honeybee
Lune Valley Community Beekeepers Bees, Hornets and Wasps of the World
Seed Bombs Beekeeping in Australia
Insect Sting Allergy Feeding sugar


Suppliers of Beekeeping Equipment

BBwear Maisemore Apiaries
Specialist bee and butterfly seed mixes for road verges, amenity land, agricultural field margins, parks and gardens "Information, products and services for beekeepers and bees"
meadowmania flowers
Scotis Seeds Swienty Beekeeping
British Wildflower Seeds, Plants, Bulbs & Hedging Poyntzfield Herb Nursery
Bee happy plants Paynes Bee farm
National Bee Supplies Bee Proof Suits
Quality Beekeeper Clothing From Somerset Thorne Beekeeping Suppliers
Simon the Beekeeper caddon-hives

Peak hives
Beekeeping Clothing & Accessories Compak - supplier of Honey Jars
Bee Equipment
Honey labels
Abelo beekeeping Supplies Bonnymans for Formic acid
Supplier of Formic, Oxalic & Acetic Acid
Honeybees, Queens & Beekeeping courses Embroidery Designs


Beekeeping Magazines/Books

Bee Craft Beekeepers quarterly
Northern Bee Bokks
Natural Bee Husbandry


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Honey regulations _Scotland 2015 Honey Consultation (Scotland) 2015
The proposed Honey (Scotland) Regulations 2015 will revoke and replace the Honey (Scotland) Regulations 2003


Royal Highland Show The Society was founded in 1784 to promote the regeneration of rural Scotland, as well as the preservation of its poetry, language and music.  Today, in the 21st century, the Society is for people who value the rural areas of Scotland.  It is for people who enjoy the finest products of our land-based and allied industries.  And it is for everyone who supports the very best standards in agriculture, forestry and stewardship of the countryside, which are such an essential part of our heritage - and our future.


National Honey Show The National Honey show


SEERAD ALL BEEKEEPERS have a legal obligation to report any suspicion of a notifiable disease or pest to the Bee Inspector at their local Scottish Government Rural Payments Inspections Directorate (SGRPID) Area Office. Bee Inspectors then have a statutory duty to respond to the notification of, suspicion of or presence of notifiable bee diseases and/or pests and are responsible for the operation of The Bee Diseases and Pests Control (Scotland) Order 2007.
Foulbrood: how to spot and report the disease. Advice on what to do if you suspect there is an outbreak of this infectious disease.
Beekeepers (and others) are required to notify the local bee inspector of the suspicion of the presence of a notifiable disease or pest.